About Our Products

Meet our Hansmart family of brands!

Nestled in the beautiful, hilly countryside of northeast France, the village of Barenthal was home to the creation of the finest flatware & cutlery in Europe for more than 50 years. Artists and skilled silversmiths came to this region to work for a small company whose name bore the city of its people, Barenthal.
Out of this small French town, exquisite pieces of flatware and cutlery were hand-crafted and have adorned dining tables for generations. It is our pleasure to continue the Barenthal tradition as we expand the product offering from table to kitchen. We combine the art of the table with fine quality kitchen tools & accessories.
Those of us who love to cook can now look to Barenthal for timeless quality and design in kitchen tools, accessories & flatware.


Each piece of Lorena flatware is finely crafted from high quality stainless steel with a focus on fashion, elegance and artistic style with a sharp eye for details. We are certain you'll find that Lorena silverware is durable and provides a long-lasting beauty that you will enjoy for years to come.

We offer an array of brilliantly colorful and distinct designs so it's easy to match a set or two to your lifestyle and home décor.

KitchenTrend brand food prep and storage products are a celebration to the beauty and functionality that fill our everyday lives. A crafted blend of materials and designs, created to reflect a passion and energy which compliments each meal preparation and every table occasion.

At KitchenTrend we simply believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality home products with the most desirable features and designs without having to spend a fortune. By combining our expertise, creativity, and passion, we continue to design and develop the highest quality kitchen prep and storage products that are innovative and extremely functional.

Offering a complete line of vacuum sealed food storage containers, cookware, mixing bowls and cooking and kitchen accessories, KitchenTrend has set the standard for quality and performance.

All of Lorena’s superb cutlery sets ensure every household can enjoy outstanding quality flatware on their dinner table.

At SimplyKleen we offer one of the widest selections of trash cans and home organization products anywhere. From our full line of stainless steel trash cans available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to our extensive and rugged line of colorful storage totes we offer the ultimate solution to all of your storage and organization needs.

For over 25 years we have been bringing excellence in housewares designs and manufacturing to consumers worldwide. Offering the latest in manufacturing and product technology we pride ourselves in delivering luxury to every home at prices that everyone can afford.Our “best in class” stainless steel trash cans and storage totes are expertly manufactured at our state of the art production facilities in Jacksonville, Florida and in China. Every trash can, storage tote and accessory we produce is designed to perform well in the harshest of environments and each will hold up to the daily use in your home, work shop or office.

SimplyKleen is dedicated to bringing these products to your home and office using our exclusive blend of design, value and innovation. Every product that comes off of one of our production lines is subjected to the most stringent quality testing available to insure that each product will deliver many years of productive and uninterrupted use.